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Friday, October 13, 2006

Sony's NetJuke

Sony's announced a trio of new NetJuke stereo systems that'll let you transfer music from CDs or the ever-popular MiniDiscs to the built-in hard drive, as well as download tunes directly from Japan's AnyMusic service. Coming in at the top-end is the basic-black NAS-M90HD (seen above), boasting a beefy 250GB hard drive to back up the CD and MD options, and retailing for an even 100,000 Yen (about $836). That's followed by the NAS-M70HD ($670) and NAS-M50HD ($544), each of which pack 80GB hard drives, though the latter drops the MiniDisc support. All three systems also sport a 4.3-inch color display, support an optional USB WiFi adapter, and come pre-loaded with album information for some 350,000 titles courtesy of Gracenote's CDDB. Look for the NAS-M70HD and NAS-M50HD to hit Japan October 21st, with the NAS-M90HD to follow on November 18th.


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