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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


A9 is a new Search Engine from Amazon. A9 website claims that they are inventing new ways to take search one step farther and make it more effective. A9 provides powerful features to find information, organize it, and remember it - all in one place. allows you to keep your own notes about any web page and search them; it also recommends new sites and favorite old sites for you to visit. There are two features that make it different from a search engine such as Google. Firstly, it maintains a history of your searches, so that if you regularly monitor the web for the same thing, then you can re-execute the same query without typing the search string again. Secondly, it clearly presents different types of results: web pages, books, images, movies, and so forth. These results are presented together on the same page, which is a simple yet effective idea, giving the results more than ever the feel of an encyclopaedia.


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