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Monday, September 17, 2007

dcamp unplugged

10.35, september 16, 2007.. design camp.. it was my first outting with the real world geeks.. and i was pleased with my first da(out)ting.. bangalore, whr else cud a spot b whr i cud the taste of these stuff.. thr were many presenters.. muthu, amit, joe arnold, ruta, harish, sid a.k.a. siddhartha, bhaskar, supreet, pandurang nayak (the missed out names, sorry dudes it wasnt intentional)..

joe's points were spot on.. the points are roughly summarized here..

1) need to have an itch
2) education does not matter
3) testing first
4) not relying on other's data
5) dont do all-at-once launches
6) inspirations from unlikly places
7) no over design or over engineer
8) solutions need to be invented(just wanted to add tht all problems r born with an solution)
9) time with face engineers
10) looks for patterns

there was talk abot collective intelligence, yahoo pipes, yui, basecamp, dabbledb.. there was something abot the touchstones in design.. thr were 3 points discussed thr..

1) generic
2) efficient
3) intuitive

then thr was abot agile software development, schematic mapping(the dude who presented this was seriously in luv with london and tube i believe), end user programming, interlinking between wiki, search and related stuff, coding horror etc..

silverlight was the last but not the least topic for the day.. supreet and pandurang had a blast.. but i felt the software was seriously close to flex with whatever knowledge i hav on tht.. had a word with pandu enquiring abot php and perl.. yes, silverlight does support it.. tht shd be a good news for the designer/developers.. v mite hav something like a digg api in the near future hopefully..

well, all is well that end's well with some beer.. but i dnt booze.. i was happy with the other snacks.. LOl.. luv 2 catch these guys again sometime soon..

one quick word for my buddy bala.. thx fella.. without him i wud not hav heard this.. he was more than willing to take me along with him for this show.. cheers..

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