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Thursday, May 31, 2007

bbc motion gallery

this is a sorta thing tht news lovers wil always cherish.. i luv this kinda news >>

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beach photography

beaches present digital camera owners with a number of wonderful opportunities as they r places of natural beauty, color & interesting light.. here r some tips for beach photography >>

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

words must for high school graduates

lemme chk.. hehehe.. i didnt knw even half of this.. dnt knw on what basis they had given this >>

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intelligent designs r creation myths

decide urself.. it's not bad tht so many things tht were forgotten r mentioned out here >>

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Monday, May 28, 2007

original composition up thr

jiwamusic is a site tht allows user to upload their original track on their server >>

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source of inspiration

looks like an xml tree.. 37 links r provided regarding inspiration.. how much inspiration u need.. if u need inspiration just look at urself and grow.. when u do tht all these links and ppl related 2 it r irrelevant.. til then these list wil b of use 2 u >>

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golden words of Gandhi

it's a privilege 2 be born on the land of the great mahathma.. whatever he said was for the humanity.. but r v following it.. only honest ppl can answer >>

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sleeping and rising early

in india, in villages ppl sleep and rise early.. whenever i go2 my village, i wil sleep off by 2000 hrs.. imagine.. tht's the way ppl, maintain their life and keep it moving.. it's a pretty healthy way of living >>

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ur own star wars movie?!

seems like a reality.. go2 this site.. users can create their own "Star Wars" movie by choosing from over 250 scenes/musical selections as well as using their own home-made material >>

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self destruction

tht's possible with all mighty ppl and big companies.. google is no exception.. if an employee's idea is not respected, he wil hav every rite 2 open a shop and make it big >>

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Break Rules, Make Money

seems like a movie title for me.. but tht's what they r trying 2 say here.. dnt get in2 trouble making money.. rules and records r meant 2 be broken.. tht's my way of doing things >>

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Friday, May 25, 2007

making cola

ppl i feel hav started believing tht colas r harmful aftr so much problems they faced in india.. and moreover all the unnecessary stuff tht is found inside the bottle of these major colas hav not gone well with the masses.. anyways here is the receipe to make cola.. even if it is home made v must make sure it's clean >>

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what a gr8 list

this link consists of all essential blogging related resources.. truly a good link 2 ur fav's section >>

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star wars quotes

seems like star wars is having a ball with me.. here r some fav quotes thr r spoken in the movie >>

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star wars trivia

on this very day, star wars has completed 30 years.. let us knw some interesting facts abot wat this giant movie was doing on and off >>

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

winning photography contest

uuuuuu.. valuable stuff.. and the X-factor not just in this, but in the work tht v do thr shd b something like tht >>

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keep kids busy

i hav justed parenthood.. lucky i hav found this site.. thr r some good ways of keeping ur kids busy >>

pricing creatively

that's how i wil cal after reading this article.. whatever price that was quoted i can say hmmm, cud b on the high side.. but affordable ppl r always thr.. so no harm done >>

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kewl pics

solid coloring, sexy lighting, amazing backdrop.. all these u can find in these pics.. photography is such a great art >>

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surviving a black hole

black hole was a name i heard loooong back when i was in school.. in this link they r trying 2 help us on how to survive this black hole.. it mite not be useful for many since it is for those space guys, but who knows if space tourism is a big hit in the future this wil be of something 2 them >>

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water water

looks it was definitely thr.. these news r so convincing.. hopefully real estate is not gonna start thr rite away >>

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

disaster of a diff genre

i hav heard and seen of disasters.. bhopal tragedy in 1984 wil b inside me forever.. the link tht i hav provided here is somewat similar 2 tht.. except tht it was naturally coming.. when i finished reading tht, i felt god wil be never with the ppl who needs the most >>

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sleep myths

as the title suggests.. thr r so many things related with it.. and more importantly i hear ppl telling tht u need 2 sleep less and less as u get old, wich is not the case as it is said here >>

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i mean look at that.. excellent, awesome, killing.. the way the fighers puff their fire out.. i luv these airshows >>

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strange deaths

thr r deaths hapning in and around.. but seeing the deaths of some personalities, u get the belief tht death has a grand desing as it was said in the movie final destination.. u can rearrange but u can escape >>

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cruelly funny

dnt knw whether tht spelling is rite.. but the yahoo banner placement in this pic was damn wrong.. LOl.. am sure 1 of the yahoo guys who hav faced some gud music fr his management >>

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bacteria 2 the rescue

how many hav read the book war of the worlds r seen the movie.. the main essence was abot bacteria.. v do 2 much of cleaning stuff.. that's y i always believe tht middle and low lying ppl hav better immunity coz bacteria in them make them survive >>

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oh s*** is costly

that S word is thr everywhr.. but just imagine it is costly.. not human but whale s***.. watz hapning ppl >>

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ab to aq

that's abraham lincoln 2 iraq.. this link is a site abot all these pics tht existed in this era.. fr black and white 2 color.. not bad at all >>

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top 5

this time it's the top 5 for all the wrong things.. this link is abot the 5 great lies of women's magazines >>

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Monday, May 21, 2007

improving landscape photography

good tips and very good pics for support.. this is truly a very very good link of tips >>

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improving productivity

hopefully chances of improving productivity is good with these links.. thr shd be some use for me as well rite >>

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kiddies rocks

when they r in water, kiddies and babies r such a fun 2 watch.. keep smiling.. this is the best thing tht can happen when ur tired >>

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music license

an online music licensing marketplace, YouLicense enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly without the need to deal with music companies.. truly a gr8 thing in forward >>

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hu hu exitting

i hav never seen such an exit interview ever in my life.. this is awesome.. but i really doubt tht was verizon.. i hav friends in call centres.. but do they keep talking like this all the time.. i seriously doubt it >>

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hollywood touch

dnt knw when i wil b thr.. but am sure i wil b thr.. giv a touch of ur pic with hollywood movie type >>

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hug for green

i hav heard of digg.. but hugg is something new.. Hugg is a source for user-generated green news >>

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

collection of pics

impressive collection of everything tht u knw.. dnt think abot naughty stuff coz my blog is not far that.. LOl >>

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guess watz this

it's wonderful peace of photography.. cheers for whosoever took that >>

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annoying creatures

hahahah.. i hav done some of these.. just 2 keep pulling their legs.. but at the end of the prank i go and up and say, "sorry fella, it wasnt u that i intended".. which means i wil b back like "Terminator" >>

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improving memory

i liked the point which said abot music.. aftr learning music i felt thr was a definite inside me.. i was more confident, my eyes and ears hav become sharper and i look at things fr multi-angles.. memory has to be strong >>

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rules on boozing

around 86 of them r listed here.. even though i dnt booze i find these very interesting >>

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

music time

linux is not facing music but rather helps in developing the music.. as an amateur keyboard player am already aware of this.. but stil ppl r yet 2 take up linux in their homes.. hope scenarios change thick and fast >>

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valubale hacks on presentation

the points tht were discussed here exactly the same that i faced sometime b4.. with lots of enthu, i started but fumbled.. i made a fool of myself.. hope i was the last one in tht category.. no one shd face the same thing that i faced >>

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luxury beyond limits

i thgt of luxury at its best.. but seeing the tremendous amount of stuff involved in this particularly the lunatic hotel, i mean what the hell.. u shd be born rich 2 c all this.. LOl >>

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dirty cities

a list of 10 cities among the dirtiest.. no big surprises really, but am not sure how come so less african cities in this list >>

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top 10 for all the wrong reasons

am somehow surprised by the inclusion of thailand.. but no surprises on others >>

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

keeping fit

it's priceless.. i spend atleast 10 mins daily jumping around r doing push-ups.. hope ppl r listening out thr >>

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no links between cancer and marijuana

after ages am giving a news on pot.. the largest study of its kind surprisingly finds that smoking marijuana, even frequently, does NOT cause cancer >>

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thundering typhoons

billions of blistering barnacles.. did i get that rite.. fun filled words fr Tintin comics.. but actually u can get 2 c these pics in real >>

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the butt is a problem

i always hated littering.. cigratte filters are non-biodegradable.. so all u smokers out thr.. u got the msg.. stop throwing the butts everywhr u wish 2 >>

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George Carlin quotes

thr r some kewl quotes.. hav fun.. it's worth ur time >>

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Monday, May 14, 2007

musicians thru mobiles

if ur a musician and if u wanna reach the broadest audience possible, and to be appropriately reward, this site seems to help.. not bad at all >>

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music recommended

just imagine DJs and artists and magazines and etc. etc. ppl suggest new nos.. this site keeps track of all these recommendations >>

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trivia on back 2 the future

tht film is stil 1 of the finest i hav seen.. get 2 knw the inside stories of it >>

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unlikely truce

unlikely things do happen.. that's how r birds and snakes.. the connecting this fish which is the prey on either end >>

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tips on mutual funds

some of the stats here made me think.. how far is it thru?? am gonna ask a financial auditor anyway.. c if it is of use 2 u >>

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peter parker saves marvel

spidey saves those luved on the screen.. he is doing it off screen as well.. see how marvel entertainment has improved it's nos >>

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bottom line on billionaires investment

get 2 knw how billionaires invest in2 stocks.. and thr r quite a few surprising things as wel >>

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

optimal sleeping time

some say 8.. some 7.. some even less.. i feel between 7 - 8 is good.. check out if am rite >>

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making a job bad 2 gud

this is a good article.. i hope it's of use 2 all >>

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