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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

pictorial windows history

windows has dominated our lives for ages now.. chk out how it's evolution has made a progress over a period of time.. it's more than a couple of decades >>


yet again my good old buddy balakumar has come out with a very good find >>

fuzzy 2 good

fuzzy pictures make stronger images.. that's what the author feels.. ultimately it's the user who decides rite?! correct me if am wrong >>

FBI to a new mode

FBI appears to have adopted an invasive Internet surveillance technique that collects far more data on innocent Americans than previously has been disclosed >>

full screen on basic quicktime

this site is abot a simple applescript that can be done to get a full screen mode on basic quicktime.. it's kewl ppl >>


this site is the home of memorizable tables, which are an efficient flashcard-like way 2 memorize information on a web page.. u can add your own memorizable tables 2 this site by clicking edit section, edit whole page or create page.. no login is required.. CHEERS >>

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


A9 is a new Search Engine from Amazon. A9 website claims that they are inventing new ways to take search one step farther and make it more effective. A9 provides powerful features to find information, organize it, and remember it - all in one place. allows you to keep your own notes about any web page and search them; it also recommends new sites and favorite old sites for you to visit. There are two features that make it different from a search engine such as Google. Firstly, it maintains a history of your searches, so that if you regularly monitor the web for the same thing, then you can re-execute the same query without typing the search string again. Secondly, it clearly presents different types of results: web pages, books, images, movies, and so forth. These results are presented together on the same page, which is a simple yet effective idea, giving the results more than ever the feel of an encyclopaedia.

fossil stuff

this story is fr downunder.. they found a fossil of what?? it's not rocket science to knw abot what animal.. of course kangaroo >>

vista DRM cracked

i hav heard that DRM for some time now.. but stil havnt understood fully.. it's cracked it seems.. can someone tell me what this stuff is >>

y only google and yahoo??

thr r more search engines v can utilize effectively.. well here is a list.. i hav used only some of them.. need 2 try the other stuffs >>

got this a bit late

here are 10 things you should double check before submitting your website to the google >>

bash scripting guide

serves as a textbook, a manual for self-study, and a reference and source of knowledge on shell scripting techniques >>

some times fun

Some of the better lines ever used.. Everyone from Steve Jobs to Tom Clancy to Woody Allen.. u shd hav guessed the subject by now >>

bad boy(s)

that's waat women r gonna call these guys.. this machine is damn sexy >>


already the piracy ppl wil b getting more anxious.. thy r business is just gonna BOOM.. yaa ppl.. according to this link DVD players r gonna get hell cheaper.. am very happy with this.. god (if thr was one) bless these guys >>

Monday, January 29, 2007

free mac apps

free mac apps :) >>

Thursday, January 25, 2007

linux rules hollywood

that's what this site is using.. but how far is mac behind considering Pixar >>

find urself

the matrix world is not far away.. just c y >>

scary and dangerous

they’re real, funded ventures by respected scientists.. dnt knw for waat they r "respected" >>

OS X browser cheatsheet

yep.. this time it's for the grand OS X thing >>

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

some more kewl pics

faking logo

LOl.. a list of the dos to make a web 2.0 logo.. kewl stuff >>

1 more for linux

this time it's for linux.. enjoy >>

1 more gimp tutorial

this gimp thing is thr around for ages.. here is 1 more tutorial.. c if u had misd anything.. i always feel that every new tutorial u wil get 2 knw something new >>

anything in Ubuntu

this ubuntu thing is catching up as a mania everywhr that i hear.. chk this out for installing whatever.. LOl >>

101 - not the success story though

everytime i giv the top 10 or 100 on success things.. lemme giv a link for a chance which can be really dumb, dumb, dumb >>

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


wow.. no more words.. check it out urself >>

bizarre incidents and ppl

dnt knw whr 2 put these sorta ppl.. but they exist around us.. it's a top ten for a diff category of ppl >>

such crazy cute ones

i just luv nature.. this beautiful trees, flowers, animals.. thr r so many things v can fall in luv with other than our inventions >>

scratch ur head and kid

scratch is a new programmable toolkit that enables kids to create their own games, animated stories, and interactive art works.. and yet again my gud buddy balakumar found this stuff.. good work >>

hidden pages of firefox

have fun browsing through your browser’s internal features >>

isolated amazon tribes

Far more Indian groups than previously thought are surviving in Brazil's Amazon rain forest isolated from the outside world but they risk extermination at the hands of encroaching loggers and miners >>

how to start with PHP

This article guides that aim at teaching you the basics of PHP programming >>


just felt that nokia said "Welcome to the real world".. the colors brought back those memories >>

super kewl

i was wowed by the super clarity and those eyes >>

popular customized search engines

wow.. 2 make it 2 such a level is such a gr8 thing.. cheers 2 these guys >>

behind the niagara

i hav seen so much of behind the scenes of movies.. but definitely not like this.. thr is so much bravery involved in this.. wow >>

seriously free??

Lowa based AllFreeCalls is letting people make phone calls to many foreign countries for free.. Or rather, for the cost of a call to Iowa >>

wanna be a "good" politician??

if you are tired of the way things are going, and want to do something about it, stop whining and get involved.. here are twelve (easy) ways to start >>

10 Top Foods To Help You Fight High Cholesterol

get well.. coz that's the real wealth u can possess.. if ur strong u can survive any sorta crisis >>

how to eliminate spam

This in-depth guide to reducing the amount of spam you receive covers tools for both the novice and the power user: reputation filters, context analysis, DomainKeys, augmented addresses, and other tips and tricks to keep spam from ever reaching you >>

freeware time ppl

i hav already posted numerous links on freewares.. here's one more >>

iPhone Vs iPhone

MacNewsOnline has a humorous take on a faceoff between the two phones, with the intention of determining which product deserves to wear the title of the TRUE iPhone. But neither supports 3G >>

Internet Lie Detector!

my buddy Balakumar yet again finds something unusual.. hats off 2 u fella!! >>

15 Foods You Shouldn’t Live Without

Ever wondered how to stay healthy? Here are 15 foods that you should be eating on a regular basis >>

30 Wackiest Inventions

I've never seen a lot of these "wacky" inventions, which are pretty much all made by -------- >>

Fix an Undersea Cable

Powerful earthquakes near Taiwan shut off international phone and Internet service for the Far East just after Christmas. Five repair ships have been working on the damaged undersea cables since late last week. How do you repair a cable that's lying across the ocean floor >>

invisible - uuuuuuuuu

polar bears - cute, furry animals r invisible at times.. i repeat invisible.. this is exciting stuff >>

got slimmer

Nokia just releases its new range of N76 slim phones designed to compete with Motorola's Razr.. Nokia N76 is as slender as most slim-line models from smaller rivals. It contains a digital music player and 2-megapixel camera that can be operated while the phone is closed using buttons on the outside >>

Monday, January 22, 2007

testing a rock whether it is fr space

here r some simple steps that can be done to ensure that whether the rock which u doubt is really fr space r not.. if u found 1 lemme knw :D >>

free calls

that's what these guys say.. but for how long?? any guesses >>

firefox cheatsheet

thr r cheatsheets on so many apps.. this time around it is the turn of firefox >>


wanna buy a branded computer r assemble it urself.. if ur looking for a latter option u hav a guide here.. u can save some bucks as well >>

what u do and say matters

that's what marketing is all abot.. i think i hav said this in 1 of my prev blog as well.. anyways life is like that in this sorta planet >>

Damn good

this site is good.. very good.. very very good >>

configuring SVG

Server misconfiguration is a common reason for SVG failing to load. Servers must identify SVG with the correct MIME type (image/svg+xml) and tell clients if the SVG is stored gzipped >>

check the headers

if u wanna check that your server is sending the correct HTTP headers then this site wil b of use 2 u >>


blacklisted is always a gr8 problem.. that too if google does it ur in for some serious survival issue.. check this out >>

XP to look alike osX

that's what this link is saying.. i wil luv that.. so many wil luv that.. just resemblance itself is so powerful.. imagine having the real one.. that's APPLE >>

Thursday, January 18, 2007

some lovely pics

after (p)ages am gonna post some pics which i found damn kewl.. :D


i hav always felt this deep inside.. england and it's priceless counties make such a beauty and a treat to watch.. i envy the english folks :) >>


that's a shock isnt it.. seems realisitcally true.. mid sized business needs to maintain the balance.. so they r gonna cut the spending of their ads with google >>

this is good stuff

at some point of time all wanna change in job.. see how it can be done with a makeover fr the old job >>

Debt managing

Every1 has some sorta debts be it ordinary individual r successful businesses.. here is an article which gives ideas on how to maintain these in a "set" of ways >>

award time

this is not oscar time(but i wil be in it somehow someday, LOl!!).. this is regarding technology stuff.. hope many of u r not far away fr it >>

it's free

free magazine abot free software.. it's so "free", dude.. LOl >>

7 rules for Web 2.0 startups

web2.0 wil remain with us for some more time.. but here is a set of rules 2 make a setup "compatible" 2 it.. dnt knw how it's like that, but it's that.. one buzz word is making wonders >>

Amazing flame fractals take your breath away

These math based images are absolutely beautiful.. Many appear to be something you'd find in outer space or in the sea. Well worth the visit >>

sun's pics

Incredible photos and information about the sun: "The sun's photosphere is often mistakenly referred to as the surface of the sun. In reality however, the sun's photosphere is only a "liquid-like" plasma layer made of neon that covers the actual surface of the sun." >>

faster, deeper and better

Life-changing knowledge does typically require advanced learning techniques.. In fact, it's been said that the average adult only uses 10% of his/her brain.. Imagine what we may be capable of with more advanced learning techniques.. Here are 77 tips related to knowledge and learning to help you on your quest >>

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

limitation of multitasking

squaring a circle on one hand and drawing a letter on the other.. sounds weird.. keep reading >>

acid bomb

Two teenage boys in Maine set off a pair of acid bombs at a Wal-Mart.. Several other adolescents have made and detonated similar devices in recent weeks.. What exactly IS an acid bomb >>

Optimus 103 keyboard

a little insane.. it's demanding $1,200 >>


STOCKS.. u never know how much u wil make outta it but u wil make.. infosys took ages to establish.. now it's one of the best stocks in the world.. likewise so many companyies stocks are like that to establish themselves.. if u can be patient, stocks are the rite place.. check out this link >>

3 cheers for 30

There are 30 softwares which are free and very useful in your system flow.. Try it people.. It's good.. Get connected to the appropriate gadget through this >>

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Top ten flop shows of Google

Google have proved themselves that they are afterall humans as well.. They to fail in certain attempts.. Failures means they are lessons for life. So let's learn the lessons people.. See the links that showcases the google's flops >>

Hope this is true

After so many stories on UFO this one seems much more realistic(thr i go again).. Can v all c a UFO sometime soon.. i feel the governments across the world r hiding information abot UFOs.. dnt knw whr it is heading >>

Linux documentation

ppl, this shd be the page for all linux aspirants >>

Believe it r not?!

that's wat i said 2 myself.. free apps for microsoft.. check it out ppl >>


This should be a music for many.. Recent research has indicated that expansion of cancer tumours can stop it.. kewl rite.. But too much of anything is bad as well >>

Tunneling thru SSH tunnel

MySQL, world's one of the fav DB can be linked to a MySQL administrator thru SSH tunnel.. C how it is done.. It's pictorial >>

It's time for "D"

I always enjoyed working on "C" and "C++".. It's time for upgradation.. Welcome onboard "D" >>

Seeing the future

Seeing the future is always a exciting phenomenon.. Any1 can do that.. but most of the ppl dnt knw this hidden fact.. more on this here >>

css cheat sheet

very impressive.. great for CSS newbies, especially the diagram on the box model.. a good reference while you get your style feet off the ground >>

food can heal

if ur diet is rite u can keep the doctor away.. this site can help u in that.. watz interesting is that the thing abot coconut.. i always felt that coconut is the best eatable in this world.. i feel i was rite >>

autonet mob

it's the first isp for your car >>

torrent sites of 2006

as of December 31, 2006, the most popular Bit Torrent search engine sites are listed below >>

challenging the existence of god

Lindy, a 24-year-old who uses the name "menotsimple" on YouTube, is one of more than 400 mostly young people who have joined a campaign by the Web site to stake their souls against the existence of God >>

13 Easy Ways to Safeguard Your Privacy in 2007

Freedom isn't free and will not last unless defended.. Easy ways the average citizen can help help prevent the abuse and misuse of his own personal information by the government and corporate America alike >>

faces of the dead

whoz war is this and whoz life is at risk.. definitely not the leaders.. they care a damn.. whatever it's the innocents and the proud patriots who risk their lives.. i salute these guys and the endless innocents on either side.. y is god silent.. no one knws the answer still >>

Free classic mac games

Free, organized, and lovingly crafted >>

web templates

Dream Template, a template firm is allowing everyone access to their database of 1800 premium quality website templates for the next 48 hours as part of their NY special. $1 million dollars worth of templates for free! >>

Automatically mount your Linux partition in Windows

You can automatically mount your Linux partition in Windows and have read/write functionality.. I will take you through the process of mounting your Linux partition using Windows XP >>

death penalty

a graphical representation of countries that does that.. watz surprising is the no. of arab countries that carry out "Legal" form of punishment for "certain" offenses.. if am rite all the exeuctions r done in the open >>

collection of PHP scripts

a collection of PHP code snippets with tags.. but am not sure how much wil work just like any other tutorials.. test it for urself >>


it's thr everywhr.. enjoy this fantasy a bit more >>

css menus

hey guys i had loads of trouble creating this menus with css.. here is a list of css related stuff that has stuff abot this.. hope no 1 ends up with a problem which i had.. cheers!! >>

certain things 2 knw abt

in all places thr wnt be a guide to tell ya waat u shd do abot.. do ur homework and get along with the business.. this time it's joining a gym >>

Friday, January 12, 2007

"Naive" Chimps Live Undisturbed by Humans

humans have disturbed, transformed, or developed most of the world's surface—but not all of it.. at times they do do some sensible things >>

crazy stuff

i luv this thing especially the last one.. LOl >>

anonymous free msgs

i tried this site.. but stil my friend has not yet received.. c if it works in ur part of the planet >>

Top 8 Earth Science Stories of 2006

Global warming as hot topic, water worlds under Antarctic ice, King Tut's alien heat source, and more... >>

Thursday, January 11, 2007

top wired colleges

the list of most high-tech campuses >>

something which u dnt knw(prbly last year)

BBC used to do this.. 1 more to join the bandwagon >>

look at this!!!

hollywood studios watch out.. this guys has some real good abilities >>

The Abundant Marketing Mindset

Is marketing self promoting.. many hav this prob >>

Underpromise and Overdeliver

that's the mantra of marketing.. thr is so much in2 it.. read this brief article abot this >>

dubai is nuts fellas!!

Check out this collection of pictures from the most fascinating City in the world.. "This is a city on crack" says it all.. The US has some competition when it comes to the "Land of opportunities" tag >>

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


it rocks.. am not religious.. i had never been religious.. many faithfully believe it exists but only 2 c that they r loosing everywhr.. it is not a superhuman thing coz it had never existed.. without atheism this religious fanatics would hav destroyed the world looooooooooooong back >>


that name wil rekindle ur brains.. yep, so many geeks r "slogging" it out at this best beautiful place of work.. lucky guys.. i envy them.. :) >>

Monday, January 08, 2007

Internet guru Vint Cerf speaks

Google guru prepares for internet evolution and he addresses a whole lot of issues >>

how 2 design

web2.0 is thr everywhr.. every1 is curious abot it.. here is a guide on how to style a web2.0 site >>

wanna become an einstein??

U.S. researchers say they've determined the complex mix of factors that help create the world's Albert Einsteins and Stephen Hawkings >>

electric sheep

Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all over the world. It can be installed on any ordinary PC or Mac >>

dwarf stuff

In an example of galactic foreshadowing, scientists have gazed out at the stars and glimpsed how our solar system might look in several billion years >>

Egyptian Glass

Strange specimens of natural glass found in the Egyptian desert are products of a meteorite slamming into Earth between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago, scientists have concluded >>

samba samba oh lamba oh re!!

brazil means samba time, lots of women, beaches, drewling and so many other things.. LOl.. c for urself >>

lazy programming??

Lazy programming is a general concept of delaying the processing of a function or request until the results are needed.. This concept has numerous applications, from the obvious to the obscure. Thinking in terms of lazy programming can help you rid your code of unneeded computation and restructure programs to be more problem-oriented >>

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Arty A4

incredible artworks in the A4 paper is on the display here.. get ready for some kewl stuff >>

Notion to Nano

Scientist Robert P.H. Chang of Northwestern University had no trouble persuading education officials in Mexico to introduce the burgeoning field of nanotechnology to schools there, but it's been a far tougher sell in the United States >>

10 mus for next IE

IE, the most widely used browser had its version7.0.. and already thr is talk abot waat shd b thr in the next version.. whatever they do i hope both IE and mozilla shd enable styling whatever that was approved by W3 in the best way coz this browser compatibility is becoming such an issue with all the web designers and developers.. u guys listening?? >>

architectural wonders - 2006

i always believed that civil engineers and architects lend so much color to the urban system.. here is a link that showcases the best architectures of 2006 and of course my fav wembley stadium is thr as well >>

linux desktops

linux machines is doing pretty well on the server ends.. but does that mean it ends thr.. not really.. here is a guide on how 2 make linux desktops >>

copyright issues

To deal with the mounting copyright issues swirling around video and other content online, a start-up founded by some respected Silicon Valley executives is taking a novel approach: combing the entire Web for unauthorized uses >>

Friday, January 05, 2007

shortcuts - 2

part 2.. this is for linux >>

shortcuts - 1

every1 must take up some pain and no the shortcuts.. y to waste time on mouse.. i hate ppl when they use the mouse to scroll up and down.. it's fine if they r ordinary ppl.. imagine ppl who use the systems on day to day basis.. aaaaaaaaa.. ok.. here is list for windows version of shortcuts >>

it's that part of the year BBC comes out wit this

prbly fr next year on BBC shd come out with another title.. it's getting very repetitive.. and hey how do they assume everybody does not knw what they present on this list.. just pulling their leg.. when u like something r some1 u tend 2 end up with playing and messing with them for no reasons.. i hav always admired BBC.. happy new guys >>


Thr hav been so many sites which i had fallen in luv with.. lemme add 1 more to that.. very very few colors utilized but very nicely and wisely done >>

storing entire life

waat was a science fiction til now mite be a reality by 2026.. computers could store all ur day 2 day happenings during that period(?!).. so our kids can show their kids what they were doing in school, colleges, partying and all other crazy stuff including ....... (fill it up urself :)) >>

Thursday, January 04, 2007

r u worthy 2 b cald a "Doctor"??

it's not just abot getting ur thesis thru and u being cald as a doctor.. thr is a need that the scientific community must identify us with some unique feature.. thr r tons of things which r stil undiscovered.. go giv a shot ppl >>


thru this word i got 2 knw how v can get words into a dictionary.. come on it sounds kewl.. invent new words and make some future for urself >>

visual db explorer

ruby graphing library called scruffy seems to be good.. that 2 generating SVG is awesome.. the level of clarity wil b extraordinary.. see how it is done >>

time's best of 2006

drop of ink can stir and make ppl think.. with the technology on the rise, visuals add substance to that.. photography can be cheerful, natural, painful, tragical etc. etc.. time's portrays the best photographs of 2006 >>

break the rules

that's for the persons who knows the flexibility of the rules upside down.. else just follow it for sometime till ur accustomed.. it applies to photography as well.. photography can be amateurish but good photography culd start fr here >>

Grumpy dudes

this is for all the grumpy guys who end up fiting very often not just on pubs alone.. receiving the punches can be devastating.. but if ur smart enuf u can finish off this in a few blows.. nowadays tutorials r thr for everything.. our generation is helluva lucky.. LOl >>

I dont sell Shells in the sea shore

this is not the place for tongue twisters.. am talking abot shell scripting.. here is an easy tutorial.. plunge into it >>

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

National geographic top stories

does the title sound like a news headline.. it's much more than tht ppl.. coz national geographic is always phenomenal in giving such great news in and around us >>

Cars time

cars.. waat a helluva creation by man.. :D.. thr is something abot it.. but making it as an iconic possession is a dream for many including me.. get 2 c this.. u wil fal in luv with these "gals".. not 1 but 10 >>


this tiny Italian city had never seen sunlight.. but thr is an end to all beginning.. the transformation in the form of a railwayman.. see how he did it and save the ppl fr extinction >>


Man nowadays tutorials r thr so much.. but i never get tired reading it.. it's fun.. it's knowledge >>

stupid and at times really hilarious

LOl.. hahaha.. i luv this stuff.. whosoever this peter dude is, long live fella.. am stil laughing over this.. looooooollll >>

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

successful job search

ppl getting a job is good.. but getting a rite job is the best thing in the world.. here is something that mite pepper u >>

oh Wow

having a business of ur own is always something quite exciting.. u can tastefully make the functioning of ur choice.. here is a summary on how a small business can win >>

compasses for navigation

one more bat story.. bats find their way home using an internal "compass" that senses Earth's magnetic field.. am no bat.. check this out >>

who has the biggest tongue??

i hav heard my mom and wife say that i hav a big mouth.. but just imagine who has the biggest tongue.. yaa the answer is out here.. it's no X-file >>

Acceleration for PHP

PHP has been a fav ground for many.. here is a link which throws lite on how to make it work fast >>